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Bring motorsport back to Bradford!

Plans for returning Motorsport to Odsal were dealt a huge blow when infrastructure was removed at a time the club was in Administration. We cannot let this happen! Odsal, once described as the “Wembley of the North” is a fantastic venue and since opening in 1934 has hosted a variety of sports ranging from F1 Stock cars to International Rugby. Let us also not forget that this was once the home of the Bradford Dukes Speedway team and is the current home of the famous Bradford Bulls Rugby League team. Surely now is the time to utilise its full potential and allow cars and bikes to once again use the superb oval circuit which has been laid idle for far too long. This will not only generate income for the stadium and owners but also be a place for the local community and travelling supporters alike to come and enjoy the spectacle of a vast range of sporting events. With the administrator considering various bids and options NOW is the time to show your support for the return of motorsport at Odsal and how valuable it's inclusion could be for prospective new owners of the Rugby League franchise. We ask for as much support as possible to ensure that motorsport is not driven away from this historic venue!

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